Farm Fresh Co. Down Turkey Crown / Fillet – Boneless


When purchasing allow 1 kg per 3 – 4 adults.

Ideal for those who particularly enjoy the white meat, this is without leg or wing meat

Our Turkeys are grown for us using traditional farming methods outside Randalstown by John Galloway and Family , where they are allowed to roam in naturally ventilated barns with plenty of space and fresh air provided for them to roost in the hours of darkness.

The birds are dry plucked with wax before being dry aged for at least fourteen days to develop a fantastic flavour, then deboned by our team of qualified butchers instore, before packing to your requirements and vacuum packing into leak proof pouches


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Roast on all sides until well browned in an ovenable pot. Add a coarsely cut onion and carrot and place in a preheated oven for approx 40 mins per kg at 160°C.

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