Homemade Steak Burgers


Serves 6 – 8 persons

1kg Massey’s Lean Steak mince
1/2 Large onion finely chopped & sliced
2 cups of fresh breadcrumbs (use gluten free crumbs if preferred)
1 egg

Cooking or Rapeseed Oil
2 spoonfuls of tomato ketchup or chilli paste / 1 finely chopped chilli pepper, to add some heat
200g Grated Cheddar Cheese
Rock Salt and Black Pepper to season



Heat pan until visibly hot with a little oil.
Mix Mince Steak, finely chopped & sliced onion, egg, tomato ketchup or chilli, salt, pepper and breadcrumbs together and form into 4 oz / 112g burgers / patties, place into pan and brown on both sides (approximately 2 -3 minutes per side)
When browned on both sides transfer to ovenable dish, place into preheated oven @ 170 – 180 oC for 25 minutes

Serve in fresh white burger baps with grated cheese and your favourite relish, or why not add bacon and mushrooms with freshly made chips