Farm Fresh County Down Free Range Turkeys


We recommend, when ordering your turkey, approximately 750g per person. e.g. 4 – 5 kg Turkey for 6 persons. Farm fresh Turkeys can also be ordered Boned, for an additional £6.00 or Boned & Stuffed, for an additional £10.00. Icons are available on the Christmas page below our Turkeys if you wish to avail of either of these services when ordering.

Sorry, only 7kg & 8kg Turkeys left for sale.

This product is normally unavailable until 3 – 4 days before Christmas Eve. However, they can be ordered at anytime to secure your Christmas order, and delivery if required.

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Set Turkey on a rack in a large roasting tin and cover with slices of bacon and cover with a large piece of foil. Place in a pre-heated oven at 160°C and allow 40mins per kg. When cooked, wings should be easily removed and juices running clear. Leave to rest for 45 mins before serving. Chefs Tip: Pour all the Turkey stock into a bowl and set aside for your roasting your potatoes and making your gravy.

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