Farm Fresh Barn Reared County Down Turkeys


Our Turkeys are grown for us using traditional farming methods 5 miles outside Saintfield, where they are housed within naturally ventilated barns with plenty of space and fresh air provided for them to roost in the hours of darkness.The birds are dry plucked with wax before being dry aged for at least fourteen days to develop a fantastic flavour

We recommend, before ordering your Barn reared Turkey  to have a look at our serving guide

10lb Turkey  serves 5 – 8 persons or for example 3 – 4 persons for 2 days

12lb Turkey  serves 8 – 10 persons

14lb Turkey (sold out)  serves 10 – 12 persons

16lb Turkey serves 12 – 14 persons

18lb Turkey serves 14 – 16 persons

20lb Turkey serves 16 – 20 persons

Farm fresh Barn RearedTurkeys can also be ordered Boned, for an additional £7.00 or Boned & Stuffed, for an additional £11.50. Icons are available on the Christmas page below our Turkeys if you wish to avail of either of these services when ordering.

This product is normally unavailable until 8 – 10 days before Christmas Eve. However, they can be ordered at anytime to secure your Christmas order, and delivery if required.

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Set Turkey on a rack in a large roasting tin and cover with slices of bacon and cover with a large piece of foil. Place in a pre-heated oven at 160°C and allow 40mins per kg. When cooked, wings should be easily removed and juices running clear. Leave to rest for 45 mins before serving. Chefs Tip: Pour all the Turkey stock into a bowl and set aside for your roasting your potatoes and making your gravy.

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