From the staple pork sausages to pork loin roasts. Browse through our amazing pork range which includes pork mince, ribs, chops, tasty gammon joints and much much more!

Our pork is purchased daily from McAtamneys in Ballymena and when available we have 2 local farmers within a 5 mile radius from our shop who produce the most idyllic Free Range Pork, where the pigs enjoy a totally outdoor life from they’re born.

Our Smoked and Dry Cure Gammon ( available at Christmas only) & Back & Breakfast Bacon is supplied by Sprotts in Portadown

Our Fresh Sweetcure gammon is supplied by Elliott’s traditional of Portadown.

Why not try our own Dry Cure Back bacon, a must for any fridge, full of flavour and handcured instore